Why Recycle

SALFORD WASTE MANAGEMENT objective when recycling is to maximize the re-use of non-renewable resources, where it is economically and commercially viable to extract materials from the waste stream and there is a meaningful demand for the secondary materials.

Re-usable materials with a greater market value than the cost of collecting, sorting and processing will be recycled.

Our aim, as a company, is to reduce the costs of waste disposal by recycling and reusing waste materials. This in turn will provide healthier environment. From the waste materials received each day, SALFORD WASTE MANAGEMENT aim to recycle 95% of waste brought in to our transfer station.

What we can reuse or recycle;

Builders rubble and concrete-Sorted and where appropriate crushed and graded to create recycled aggregate

Cardboard & Paper-Sorted, graded and baled for recycling by leading UK paper mills

Wood-All grades of wood are sorted and processed to create product suitable for reuse in the chip board industry or as renewable energy, commonly known as Bio Mass

Soils-Processed and screened to various grades for land regeneration and landscaping projects

Plastics-Sorted, graded and baled into various types for export by various industries

Glass-Colour sorted, graded and despatched to companies for reuse

Metals-We deal with all grades and types of scrap metal, either by recycling or disposing of environmentally

Green waste-Green waste is processed and composted to create a soil conditioner. This is then blended with our screened soils to create an enhanced product.